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10:58pm 23/06/2008
50+ Hours of work a week is not conducive to writing.

Just making that clear.

Rather than rant endlessly about how much I hate my pathetic job and how badly I really don't want to work in 6 hours (especially considering I haven't slept yet), I'm going to talk about fanfiction. :]

My muse is dead; still.

Acutally, that's a lie. She's not dead; only sleeping.

I have so many ideas and plot lines to write out, but I'm just so tired, and really can't be bothered to write the filler that bridges the big scenes together. Oh, sigh... I think perhaps I may be taking a break, after all. At least I'm still some 6 weeks ahead. :]
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06:50pm 15/06/2008
I really should get in the habit of using this more often... Haha.

Anyway, I started making a fic rec list today, in light of how many people have requested reccommendations and such. So far it's upwards of 50 fics, mostly novel-length. I've yet to touch on and Het or Gen fics, let alone the fics on The Hex Files, which I can't currently access. This is going to be a long list, indeed. 

I think mostly I just needed a break from actually writing. And what better time than when I can't update at Hex Files or HPFandom, anyway?? Haha. This story (Do You Believe in Miracles?) really needs a muse recharge. I've been working on the story every single day since September 2007. I've been actually writing it since December. And while I have absolutely no intention of abandoning it, I fear if I don't take a break, I may just get sick of it and then end up updating every month or every other. That would suck. It's not fair to me to be pressed that hard about something I love, and it's not fair to my readers. Especially when there are so many important scenes comming up, it's just the filler between that bogs me down.

So while I'm still a few chapters ahead, I'm taking a small break. :) Although starting another story also helped. It's a Harry and Snape Gen story, called "Shadows of Desperation." It's unbelieveably dark and angsty, and entirely different than anything I've ever written before. It's posted on Potions and Snitches (in case you're interested. *Wink*Wink*), and is a break from DYB.  

In other news, I got nominated for my first award a few days ago!!! Granted, it's on a drabble, and not anything large or serious, but given the number of HP award sites that are still out there, I'm still immensely pleased. Not to mention it will get more people interested in my works, which is always a good thing. =D 

Other than that, not much is going on. I'm trying to get this fic rec done, and perhaps then I'll have had a muse thrown my way to keep writing. lol 

In the meantime...

Yours truly,
August SKy
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Argggghhh, Beta Tests!!!  
02:01pm 10/03/2008

Well, I took the infamous PerfectImagination beta test this past weekend. Of course, I've heard a million times how hard the test is, how the work needed to pass the test is a million years beyond anything a beta ever truly provides. And I didn't so much believe it, because every PI beta I've had... really didn't help me at all... haha. 

Sooo, I took the test. And I gave it my all. I ever corrected things in the pluperfect tense, for God's sake!!! How many people even know about the pluperfect tense!?!?! Rather than just correct things, I explained EVERYTHING. The test that was originally 7 pages long, was over 10 with my corrections and comments.

So, I send the test back, and expect a reply in a few days. It was no small shock when I got an e-mail several hours later. I open it, excited to see if I passed, and read through the e-mail.

Passing is 80. I GOT A 75%!!!!!!! I was like, "You have got to be kidding me!!!!" I was so pissed! If I EVER received the type of help and work that I put into that test from a beta, I would worship the ground they walked on! But it wasn't even good enough to pass!!

Then someone has the nerve to send me an e-mail the next day saying, "It seems you already have the grasp of basic beta reading."

Basic?! Bitch, please! Lead me to a beta who actually does work like that! If I ever used half of the rules and technical stuff like that in my own stories, they'd be perfect! 

Argh, stupid admin people.

Well, that's my rant on the PI beta tests... I will, of course, be re-taking in June. I am determined to pass now. 

As for Do You Believe in Miracles?, I wrote the Christmas scene this weekend!!! The one from which the story gets it's title, and the one I have been dying to write since I came up with the idea for the story. I am soooo excited. And I may just have to post two chapters a week for two weeks, so I end up posting that chapter on my birthday. Because I'm a nerd like that. :]


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Wednesday's made a little more sufferable.  
11:32pm 05/03/2008

Annnd Chapter 5 officially went up today at all the usual places. I found this little gem of a site, ForeverFandom, this past week, and began posting there, as well. I had never heard of the site, but it's run very effieciently with rather good fics. Not to mention there's been quite a good response to my story, which, of course, makes it so much better.

I'm finally at the point in writing where I can write the Christmas holidays, for which I have some big plans that have been in the works for months, including the first scene from which 'Do You Believe in Miracles?' gets its title! Plus, New Years' Eve is a great opportunity for parties... and partaking in the festivities... developing new friendships... and 'more'ships. :] I can't wait.

I'm still shocked from some of the reviews I've received. I believe the biggest controversy has been Aberforth... everyone seems to love him or hate him! Aberforth was a large secondary character in the first fanfic I ever read, and I fell in love with him. I LOATH canon!Aberforth, and therefore am having a ton of fun writing him with a new personality and background. The best part is being able to have so much fun with him, but keeping him from being the next Gary Stu. Because Aberforth is SOOO much more than meets the eye! Ohhh yes. I do indeed love that man.

Also, I'm working on the plans/outline for the Final Battle, which will be in the making in the comming weeks. Although, most likely it will be months, seeing as I'm on about chapter 25 of a planned 60 or so... And I'm still deciding whether or not to divide the story to have a sequel... What do you think???

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02:01pm 29/02/2008

Well, I figured it was about time that I got one of these things!!!

So I've finally begun posting 'Do You Believe in Miracles?' after nearly six months of preparation and writing. I have never filled an entire notebook in my life, and this is the closest I've come, with only a few sheets left after all my chapter outlines and ideas. And to think, the story's only a quarter of the way done!

Three weeks ago on Valentine's Day, I posted the prologue and the first chapter at SkyeHawke, TheHexFiles, and HPFandom. Although not exactly a huge response has come in so far, what I have gotten is great, and I've already got several faithful readers/reviewers. It's so nice to actually get a response to my story, whether positive or negative, after all this time. I wasn't going to post at all until I was completely finished, but I was becomming to complacent with the file simply sitting on my hard drive. And this way, as I get to the final chapters, readers can gave their opinion, predictions, ideas, ect. It should be a great journey, however long it may be.

My boredom finally took hold the other night, and as I couldn't concentrate enough to write anything, I decided to make a promo banner. So, here it is. Let me know if you like it!

Hmm, I think that about sums it all up for now. Besides, I've really got some writing and cleaning to do! 

-August Sky-

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